Our purpose-built facility provides a high level of security with individual play areas for the children to enjoy.

Home Corner – our home corner is used by the children primarily for role-play games. It encourages creative development as well as personal, social and emotional development.  There is always plenty to chose from; feeding and caring for babies (not real ones!), preparing and cooking a hearty meal in our kitchen and dressing-up

Book Corner – Recently re decorated and is inviting and engaging, equipped with an excellent selection of story, picture and reference books; as well as comfy rainbow cushions and rainbow coloured rug. The children use this area individually for quiet time and for group storytime.

Computers – we have two computers where the children can play games that encourage basic literacy, numeracy, problem solving and language skills.

Construction / Small World – the children enjoy building and operating train tracks, taking care of the farm animals and machinery, running pony school or a garage. The opportunities for personal, social and emotional skills are key in this area as are communication and language with many small world activities involving an element of team work.

Art – we love art that involves having fun (and usually mess!). It’s a chance for the children to really show their creative side. As well as painting and colouring, which develops hand-eye co-ordination and pencil control, we use scissors to make collages and build robots from recycled household materials.

Toilets – we have individual cubicles with tiny toilets and low level sinks to encourage independence.  We also provide nappy changing for those that require it and help with potty training.


Our enclosed outdoor area has a climbing frame at its focal point.  With bits to climb up, a fireman’s pole to slide down and a rope bridge to cross, as well as places to hide, this is a never ending source of fun and imagination for all of our children. This is an area the children can set their own challenges and work on trying to achieve them!

The climbing frame is surrounded by a bike track with an all weather surface meaning we can pedal or scoot round it come rain or shine – and we do!    Our sand pit is big enough for lots of children and we enjoy digging for buried treasure, moving sand with our diggers and jumping off the steps into it too.