Safety of the children at Fittleworth Playgroup is always of paramount importance.   Certain situations may arise where it is necessary for us to close the Playgroup, either for the whole day or part way through a session.

During the course of the year, there is always the possibility that weather conditions might force us to close.  It is possible that weather will vary from place to place and if the conditions suggest that the journey to Playgroup could be dangerous, then parents should consider keeping their children at home.    Likewise we also have to take into consideration the safety of our staff, some of whom travel in from quite a distance, and it may be that we are unable to provide an adequate staff:pupil ratio to remain open.

As weather conditions can change quickly, it is important for us to have a response to a number of situations:

If there has been significant snowfall overnight and there is the likelihood that we are unable to provide the required staff:pupil ratio, or the roads are too dangerous or blocked to get through we will close.  Before you set off PLEASE check with us as snowfall can vary dramatically within a few miles.

A message will be posted on our website and Facebook page as soon as possible and we will inform Spirit FM and West Sussex County Council of any closures.  If you are in any doubt, please call our mobile (07754 570045) or the main Playgroup number (01798 865777) for an update (please be aware that these lines might be busy so please be patient!).   It can take a while for the messages to get posted online or on the radio so please keep watching and listening.

If the Playgroup is open at the start of the day, but weather conditions deteriorate as the day progresses, parents will be asked to collect their children as soon as possible.  We are happy for children to be released at any time during the day – please do not take any chances, better safe than sorry is the best maxim.  Please note that if you make an arrangement to collect someone else’s children, their parents should telephone us to confirm this. We will endeavour to call or email all parents of children who might be booked in for a later session to inform them of the closure.

In the event of any other reason for us to close Playgroup, we will endeavour to follow the same procedures as that for snow.  We will update our website as soon as possible and get in touch with as many parents by phone or email as soon as possible to inform them of the situation.

Breakfast Club

If Fittleworth Village School is closed due to adverse conditions, there will be NO Breakfast Club. Alison Kitchener will endeavour to contact any parents of children who normally attend Breakfast Club, however you will appreciate that with the early start of Breakfast Club it may not be possible to get hold of everyone.  Again, please check our website, Spirit FM and West Sussex County Council.  If your child should arrive for Breakfast Club prior to any decision being made by the School or Playgroup, then we or the School will contact you as soon as possible to collect your child if required.